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We love solving challenges 

and complex problems.

Let’s build together the future of payments, shaped by our decades of experience and access to a large global network. We would love to work you whether you are seeking capital or strategic advice.

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We have championed Request-to-Pay to serve ever-growing the ‘gig economy’ where work patterns, income and regularity of payment fluctuates each month. Allowing customers, the flexibility to choose when they want to pay and how they want to pay. 

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

Strategy and transformation shaped by our expertise to accelerate your growth. Leverage our access to a large global network to enter into new markets. 


Identifying key use cases and potential industry segments where it can make real difference in improving customer experience and business operations.

Bank Payments

Single or variable recurring payments using Open Banking eliminates online fraud and reduces cost. We understand the gaps in standards and how to overcome to build innovative winning platform that can combine with existing payment rails.

SEPA Instant Credit

SEPA harmonises the way euro payments are made across Europe. We understand how to expand and combine with other payment rails to provide unmatched international credit transfers.


Translating payments technology innovation towards a winning mobility-as-a-service strategy. 

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