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The Full Story


We believe in empowering everyone to simplify their banking experience which enables them to live a healthy financial life.


Our aim is to make money work for you by building pioneering technology that creates improved customer experiences and brings more financial clarity. 

We are team of people who comes from early-stage Open Banking companies, so we understand where the real complexity is and how to make it work for all parties. 
As current and former founders we love to support other founders solving difficult problems thru Open Banking and Open finance. 


Rewrite the playbook for banking and financial services.

Deliver new services that will redefine the customer experience, automating actions, enabling new products, and providing the foundation for entirely new models.


Banksly is focused on simplifying money through a technology platform that seamlessly and intelligently connects with service providers to create new financial experiences for everyone. We believe in changing banking and payments for the better.

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