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Open Finace

From the early stage of Open Banking, now towards Open Finance, making it simple by removing real complexities.

Let's rewrite the playbook for financial services.

Talk to us to leverage the expertise gained thru the early stages of Open Banking.

What We Do

Strategies & Capabilities

Validate strategy and facilitate the transformation shaped by our expertise to accelerate your growth. Leverage our access to large global network to enter into new markets.


We are an active contributing member of standard bodies across the world. We can help in translating standards into winning innovation technology

Regulation & Public Policies

We contrinue to drive financial service industry towards Open Finance. Tap into our thought leadership to push for positive change in regulation and policies. 


Leverage the expertise gained thru the early stages of Open Banking, as we understand where the real complexity is and how to make it work for all parties , the bank, the third parties and most importantly the end-user.

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